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Games evaluations

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Games evaluations


High Tea Evaluation Report

An evaluation report by Danny Birchall and Martha Henson on the Wellcome Collection's High Tea game. Would love to hear any feedback, thoughts, criticisms etc.




MyUK: Stats and success indicators

Here you'll find some of the raw data and other indicators we've gathered following the launch of MyUK in September 2011. Please note, it really isn't a formal evaluation; we've not drawn conclusions or made recommendations. A more exhaustive study may follow. For now, our intention is just to share some of our experience working on this project with colleagues. Prepared by Joshua Rice of Parliament's Education Service.


MyUK informal evaluation - Engaging youth with politics and Parliament.pdf






Rizk (Science Museum)

An evaluation report from the Science Museum on their game about climate change, Rizk. Interesting conclusions about the degree of real world application that players understood from it.

Rizk Summative Report.doc





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